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Farming is part of our family heritage.
Doing things right really matters to us – so we take pride and care in everything we do.

At a time when the food needs of the world have created a record demand for protein, Moorpork is proud of the role we play in providing safe, tasty and nutritious pork to New Zealand consumers.

We’re eager to share the story of how Moorpork became a world-class facility. We’ve focused years of experience in trialling both outdoor and indoor systems and searched the world for latest innovations, to enable us to embrace technology and practices that support the welfare of our pigs, our staff and the environment.



Moorpork is the vision of Ben Voice, a second-generation pig farmer from the South Island of New Zealand. Ben and his wife Julie started pig farming using an outdoor system in the mid 90’s. After investigating and trialling various farming systems and styles worldwide, in 2006 Ben and Julie chose to build two high-health, fully enclosed, modern production systems with strict biosecurity.

Located at Aylesbury and Oxford, Canterbury – one of the country’s premier food-production regions, the purpose-built farms provide the opportunity to control the environment to which pigs are extremely sensitive and closely manage and support them through every stage of production.


Moorpork is dedicated to continuous improvement by combining the very best in animal health standards, quality facilities and highly-skilled staff with the benefits of modern technology and the latest in local and international research.

Our team is one of the essential ingredients in our success. Moorpork employs 12 specialist staff who work as a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team. Training, motivation and a clear structure for professional development and advancement are all vitally important aspects of the business.

Our production system is based around the needs of the pig, so our team works closely with world-leading nutritionists and veterinary consultants to produce healthy pigs that provide wholesome, safe pork.


One of the key considerations in Moorpork’s adoption of a fully enclosed system was our ability to manage every aspect of the animals’ environment, while also carefully controlling the environmental impact of our operation.

From food-production to fuel consumption, the system enables us to manage every aspect of what we put into our farm, ensuring our carbon footprint is as low as possible. Our outputs, too, are strictly controlled, with effluent in particular closely regulated and completely utilised.

We are very conscious that the food we produce is being consumed by Kiwi families. Biosecurity and food safety are paramount to the New Zealand consumer, so the system we have chosen allows us to provide the highest levels of protection.

Through our commitment to continuous improvement and safe, responsible farming, Moorpork is doing what is right for our people, our pigs and our planet – while producing the best pork ever.


Moorpork’s philosophy is simple: investment in the best health, facilities and staff combined with new technology will produce safe, tasty and nutritious New Zealand pork.

If you want to find out more about our system or our products, please get in touch with us at:
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